The Inaugural Halloween Celebration

I dislike halloween.  And if dislike is not strong enough language then I'll say I detest halloween.  Can't explain it but I have never been a fan.  Perhaps it's because the majority of my socially awkward and traumatizing moments as a child happened either at the local roller skating rink or on Halloween.  My son is almost three and up to this point we have successfully avoided participating.  But this year for whatever reason I decided to get over myself and let my kids have fun getting dressed in costumes and stuffing their faces with sugar. I spent about a week trying to explain the idea around this obscure holiday in a way that would help him understand it and get him excited.  I was not very successful at either.  In Ellensburg they have a downtown trick or treating event where hundreds of kids and their parents walk from shop to shop to trick or treat.  I decided to do this thinking it would be less overwhelming for them than going door to door to people's homes (not sure why I thought that).  On the day of I had to chase both kids around the house just to get their costumes on and then proceeded to literally drag my son into the car against his will.  With tears the whole way there (by all parties in the vehicle), we get downtown and witnessed exactly what you would expect; complete and utter chaos.  This did not bode well for my children who were immediately overwhelmed and terrified.  We didn't last longer than an hour.  My daughter insisted on being held the entire time and our son reluctantly trick or treated while avoiding getting trampled by hoards of kids trying to beat each other to the candy.  He refused to wear the mask I made him and never went more than a foot from my side.  When we finally called it quits we drove home, gave my son a piece of candy from his modest sized bowl and then put it on top of our fridge where he has since completely forgotten it.  Although my personal disdain for halloween hasn't really changed since then, I will say I had a blast watching my kids experience something totally new to them and watching there little minds try to compute all the activity. And I simply had a great time being together as a family.  All in all I'd say it was a pretty successful Halloween.   Not too traumatizing I hope.  Let's just pray Ellensburg never builds a roller skating rink.