Luke and His Fam

This is Luke.



Luke is an amazing and gentle two year old great dane who belongs to an even more amazing family.  Chad and Jamie and their two kids haven't owned Luke for long, only since he was about eight months old, but as Jamie has described it they knew instantly from the moment they met him he was a perfect fit.  "He is like my third child,"  Jamie said to me over the phone a few weeks back.  Now you might be wondering why I'm so geeked out about this dog.  And the reason is because Luke was recently diagnosed with cancer and it was estimated he may live for another 4-8 more weeks.  I was distraught to find this out.  A young dog with many more years of life under his belt now dwindled down to a measly two months is extremely disheartening.  I myself am a huge dog lover and when I met Luke I was instantly in love.  His sweetness and gentleness around my little ones was enough for me to melt for this giant beast of a dog.  In fact we liked him so much my husband and I recently got a great dane mix puppy for our family.  Jamie asked if we could do a photo session of her family and Luke so we could capture some final moments of all of them together.  It was a privilege to be a part of such a special photo session.  And although it remains unknown exactly how much life Luke has left, he is and will forever remain a valuable member of the Younquist family.