An Engagement shoot in a Colorado blizzard

I didn’t know what I was in for when preparing for this engagement shoot at Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado. I kept envisioning expansive views of bright and colorful stone cliffs amidst endless blue sky. Maybe even just the right amount of sunlight to make everything glimmer with golden hues. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. What’s the saying in Colorado? “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes?” Yeah that sounds about right. The morning started with a light dusting of snow and before we knew it, the snow was out of control! But I have to say that tromping around in inches of snow, battling strong headwinds and below freezing temps was SO worth it. These two were complete champs and loved every minute of it. Floral design for this shoot was done by Wild Blomst. Check her out on Instagram at @wildblomst. She is a dear friend and one talented woman. Hope you’re all staying bundled with winter.

Rachel + Brett-5.jpg
Rachel + Brett-19.jpg
Rachel + Brett-37.jpg